• Investment Opportunity in Innovative Sustainable Living Industry
Investment Opportunity in Innovative Sustainable Living Industry

On offer is an investment opportunity into a pioneering venture that aims to revolutionise sustainable living by providing a convenient, affordable, and organic solution for consumers. Through its unique business model, this start-up business aims to curate and deliver organic products to consumers while prioritising sustainability and minimising environmental impact.

The aim of this venture is to become a trusted brand in the sustainable living space. By securing the required funding, this business can turn its vision into reality, bringing about positive change in the way people access and consume organic products while making a significant impact on the environment.

Consumer appetite for natural unprocessed healthy foods and increasing awareness of the impact of non-organic farming practices on the environment has led to significant growth rates in the organic produce market in Australia with the Australian market size being AU$2,6 billion in 2019 and projected to be AU$5.2 billion by 2025.

By combining curation, retail presence, education, organic farming, and an enhanced marketplace, the aim of the business model is to create a holistic approach to promoting accessibility, affordability, and sustainability in the organic product ecosystem. Through these strategic initiatives, the business will strive to transform the way consumers access and experience organic products while supporting farmers and advancing sustainable agriculture practices.

By starting as an online marketplace connecting consumers with local farmers, there are well developed business plans in place to further expand to include a sustainable eco-friendly food supply chain ecosystem with organic farms/farmers with sustainable farming practices, distribution centres, retail stores, environmentally friendly packaging, strict quality control and discerning consumers who are conscious about how their food supply impacts the environment. The Business plan includes competitor analysis, short, medium and long-term objectives and a risk management assessment.

This fledgling business is looking for investors to purchase shares in the company or to buy the company outright.

For more information and discussion about this investment opportunity contact Elle Likopoulos on 03 9566 7300 or Tina Tzanopoulos on 0401 067 488.

Ref: B14584

Elle Likopoulos
Elle Likopoulos
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